Sunday, 22 July 2012

Nagahama Ramen Hakataya - Surfers Paradise

Nagahama Ramen Hakataya Surfers Paradise store has been around for more than 10 years I think! The menu is simple, selling only 4 types of ramen, one rice dish and gyoza. The ramen noodles are thin and chewy, served in a milky pork bone broth that is full of flavour, with slices of fatty char siu (thinly sliced pork). Other flavours include Spicy and Spicy Miso.  There are side dishes like pickled ginger and spicy pickled vegetable that you can have with your ramen. These items used to be available unlimited, but now you only get one small plate of the spicy pickled vegetables. If you want more, it is $2 for a small container. The pickled ginger is still free. Also, you can ask for 'free noodle'!

My brother and I had a sudden craving for their ramen today, so we decided to head out to Surfers Paradise and eat! First stop was Nagahama Ramen Hakataya!

We quickly decided on one Nagahama ramen and one char siu ramen (the char siu ramen is the same as the nagahama ramen, but just has extra slices of pork). You have to order and pay at the counter. There are chopsticks at the table and all other sauces and condiments, tissue, water etc is self serve. We were both quite full after our bowl of ramen noodles, so didn't get the extra free noodles (actually, we just wanted to save our stomachs for more food later!) haha

Self serve water and sauces on the left.


Char Siu-Men

Nagahama Ramen
 The food is simple and tasty. The store only serves a certain amount of noodles each day. Once all the noodles/soup is sold out for the day then the owner will close! There was once, the store was so busy during lunch time, that it was closed before the dinner rush! (I was there and ordered the last noodle!) And that was around 5:30pm.

Nagahama Ramen Hakataya Website

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