Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Waves Buffet Restaurant

Tandoori oven for cooking naan
 Tonight we went to Waves Buffet Restaurant for dinner. Located inside Watermark Hotel,Waves Buffet Restaurant serves a selection of seafood, Indian curries, Asian stirfries, Pastas, salad bar and various cakes. There is even a chocolate fountain!  There is also an 'interactive kitchen' where the chefs will cook stirfries or pastas to order. But sadly, this was not offered tonight. (maybe because it was a Tuesday night?) I think the interactive kitchen is only open on Friday/Saturday nights.

We used a shop-a-docket and only had to pay $39 per person tonight (normal price is $49 per person). For the discounted price, Waves would be the cheapest seafood buffet you can find on the Gold Coast. The seafood selection tonight included: spanner crabs, prawns, mussels, oysters and smoked salmon. Not bad for $39 per person!

There were already many diners when we arrived at 6pm. There was a group of tourists, busily getting food, some were already eating desserts. I guess Waves Buffet caters for tour groups earlier, so they can just come in, eat and go!  I noticed that after the tour group had left, more food was made available in the buffet (eg. smoked salmon, mussels, smoked cod, sushi and fruit salad).

The restaurant was extremely busy tonight, pretty much all the tables were filled. They tried to fit as many tables as they could in the small area, which made it difficult to walk in and out. There was only one person looking after my section (which was full), so plate collection and refilling of water was slow.

The first lot of seafood was very fresh. The spanner crab meat was sweet, the oysters were plump and juicy. I didn't have too many prawns, as I found them a bit salty.  However, when more seafood was brought out, it wasn't as nice as the first lot that was already there when I first arrived. The smoked salmon was ordinary, a bit on the dry side.  There were a few different salads to choose from and some cold meats as well. Soup of the day was Tom Yum, this was quite nice if you like spicy. The hot food section consisted of naan, rice, vegetables, 2 styles of fish (tikka masala & lemon butter), 2 styles of beef (one curry, one stroganoff), teriyaki chicken, braised porkbelly and creamy spaghetti.

Salad Bar

Seafood Bar - see how there are empty spaces? Later filled with smoked salmon
Hot Food Section

First plate of seafood

Naan, beef stroganoff, rice, pork belly, fish

Salad, smoked salmon, bread
Chocolate Fountain & Sweets

Dessert Bar

Bread & Coffee Machines

Overall, for the price of $39 for a seafood buffet it is very good value. But personally, I'd rather pay a bit more for better tasting food elsewhere. The only good thing about Waves was the spanner crabs and oysters (but only the first batch!!). Oh, and the freshly made naan, coffee machine and tea selection.  The rest of the hot food was very ordinary and bland, or too salty (the curries) and the desserts were non exciting.

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  1. Woah! They have an interactive kitchen? That’s absolutely cool! Restaurants that feature this would not only be loved by food lovers, but also by cooking enthusiasts, too.

    Danny Riddell

    1. Hi Danny,
      Yes! Waves Buffet has an interactive kitchen! The night I went there it wasn't open, but previously when I went there the interactive kitchen was open, so I was able to order pastas, stirfries and even crepes once! Was good to be able to choose the ingredients and watch the chef cook right in front of me!