Monday, 20 August 2012

Little Lamb (Happy Grassland)

I'm not sure why this place is called 'Happy Grassland' on Urbanspoon, but the sign on the restaurant clearly says 'Little Lamb'. I'm quite confident that it's the same place we are talking about from looking at the photos.

Anyway, I have heard about this place from a lot of people in the last couple of months. I finally got a chance to check it out last Saturday! My friend had made a booking for 7pm. We arrived on time but still had to wait for our table. I'm not sure how long we waited (probably 15-20 minutes)? There were lots of tables packed inside the restaurant. Most of the tables sat 4 people. If your group has 5 or 6 people, then they will put extra chairs on the end of the table for 4 for you (not very comfortable). So if you ever think of checking this place out, make sure you go in groups of 4 and remember to call to make a booking! Also, this place is CASH ONLY!!

Little Lamb offers an all you can eat hot pot and BBQ (skewers) on charcoal. For $29.80 per person, you get unlimited vegetables (pak choy, chinese cabbage, spinach, enoki mushroom), meat (thinly sliced lamb, pork and beef) for the hot pot, a large variety of skewers (chicken, beef, lamb, chicken skin, pig intestines, squid, prawn, fishballs etc), noodles, glass noodles, tofu, various fishballs and a whole heap of other things that I don't even know the name of in English! There's also a hot food section with a selection of deep fried items like sweet potato, chicken wings, squid, shallot pancake etc. There's also some cold entrees like chicken wings, pig ears, beef shin etc. You can also make your own combination of dipping sauces at the sauce station. I really like how they provide eggs as well. I like to have my hot pot with raw egg! After I cook the meat and veggies in the hot pot, I dip it into the raw egg so it can cool down a bit. Drinks are also included in the price! There's a selection of soft drinks, orange juice, mango juice, water and a Chinese plum drink. For dessert, there's watermelon, oranges and ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry).

Sauce & Egg

Skewers cooking on charcoal (they rotate and turn by themselves!)
The Hot Pot! We got a 2 flavour one, with spicy soup and clear broth.
There was just so much food to choose from, at first I didn't know where to start! It is impossible to try every single thing they had, so you need to choose carefully and be selective about what to take back to your table. I suggest eating the hot pot items first and then move on to the BBQ skewers, as the skewers are all meat and will fill you up quickly.

Overall, I quite liked this restaurant because it was good value for money. Not many places offer such a large variety for hot pot and BBQ AND also include drinks and dessert. Many of the skewers were spicy/chilli, which became quite salty and strong flavoured after cooking over the charcoal. There were some non spicy skewers, which I quite liked. The hot pot was very nice and all the ingredients were fresh. The spinach could've been washed more as there was sand in it. Other than those few little things, it was quite good.

But a word of warning, if you are after a place for a quiet dinner, this is not the place for you. Little Lamb is noisy, with people around you chatting, people constantly getting up and about to get food/drinks etc. Another down side is the smoke. With a charcoal BBQ on every table, the restaurant can get a bit smoky and warm. But if you're just after a cheap all you can eat deal, then this is definitely the place to go! I know I'll be going back to get my hot pot & BBQ fix!

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