Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Taste Gallery

Taste Gallery is located in the busy Market Square, Sunnybank. When it first opened a couple of years ago, this place was always packed with people and you would have to wait outside for a table! The hype has died down a lot now, so it was relatively easy to get a table during the lunch time period. See how empty the restaurant was??

Yum Cha Menu
 After reading Hungry Kitten's blog, I found out that Taste Gallery has a new lunch time yum cha menu! With the new yum cha menu, it actually works out cheaper than before.

You get a piece of paper with the menu and you have to write the quantity of the dish you want on the paper then hand it to the waiter/waitress.

We ordered a variety of dishes and shared between 3 people. (more details about each dish below)
Stirfry/Noodles/Rice/Dessert Menu

Spicy Noodle
 The spicy noodle was a bit of a disappointment as I was expecting fresh handmade shanghai noodles in a rich spicy mince sauce. Instead, we got a bowl of pasta (spaghetti & fettucine) with some green peas and a spicy mince sauce which tasted very similar to mapo tofu. It was still nice, but not really 'authentic'. In other words, it's not what it's meant to be.
Shanghai Dumpling
 The shanghai dumpling was lovely! Each dumpling had the tasty soup inside and the meat wasn't too dry. Definitely a must order dish!
Prawn Dumpling
 The prawn dumpling was quite nice, but I found the size of each dumpling a bit small. But for only $3.50, it is quite cheap compared to other yum cha places.
Pumpkin & Redbean dessert
 This is a very cute sweet dim sim. It's shaped like a pumpkin, with a redbean filling. The outside is like mochi, so it was quite chewy.
Panfried dumplings
 The panfried dumplings in my opinion, was a bit dry inside. It was a very large serving size, so it's good for sharing.
Panfried pork buns
 The panfried pork buns is a dish I always order! The bun is crispy on the bottom and the meat inside is moist and tender, with soup! But you have to make sure you eat this quickly, otherwise the soup inside the bun will be soaked into the bun!
Mini Wontons in Chicken Soup
 The mini wontons in chicken soup was a light dish that I quite enjoyed. The soup had seaweed in it and there were about 6-8 mini wontons.
Wontons in Chilli Oil & Sesame Sauce
This dish was very very spicy for me. I had one wonton only (with a lot of the sesame sauce), but it was still spicy!! I did not touch this dish again......

Overall, the food was a bit hit and miss depending on what you order. On my previous visits, the rice/noodles, drunken chicken and shallot pancake was a complete disappointment. However, the soup was really good! I found the service to be a bit inconsistent and slow. It took forever for our tea to arrive and I saw a whole group of the waiters/waitresses standing around chatting and not doing anything. But I care more about the food, so I won't let the slow service stop me from dining there again.


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