Thursday, 6 December 2012

Daiki Japanese Restaurant

A couple of weeks ago, I took my boyfriend out for dinner for his birthday. It was difficult to find somewhere to take him, that we haven’t been before and that I know he would enjoy and also not cost a fortune!

Then, Daiki Japanese Restaurant came to mind! I have been to Daiki twice before, both for dinner. The first time was with colleagues and the second time was with a girlfriend. The food was excellent on both occasions.

It was a weeknight, so the restaurant wasn’t too busy. The d├ęcor was simple and neat with a warm lighting. When we sat down, we were presented with the menu, which had a selection of sides, entrees, sushi, sashimi, grilled dishes, deep fry dishes, tempura, mains, noodles and rice. There was also a blackboard with daily specials.

I ordered a variety of different dishes from the blackboard and menu. The food arrived one after another as we finished each dish. I quite liked this, as it let us enjoy the flavours of each dish individually and also the food was less likely to get cold.

Creamy Potato Croquette - $5.00
Soft Shell Crab - $13

Kingfish Tataki - $14

Grilled Salmon Fin - $9

Salmon & Shallot Sushi Roll - $5.50

Deep Fried Chicken Wings - $7.50

Steak with Garlic Miso Sauce - $20

Tempura with Cold Soba - $14

 Overall I was very impressed with the quality and flavours of the dishes. The sushi rolls were however quite small. I probably won't order the sushi rolls again. The steak was nice, but could've been more tender. My favourite dish of the night were the chicken wings. Such a simple dish, but it was so tasty!

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