Saturday, 8 December 2012

Pearls Bar - High Tea

About a month ago I made a booking for High Tea for 7 people at Pearls Bar, Sheraton Mirage Gold Coast. I sent an email enquiry to make the booking and received a prompt response from the restaurant manager himself. He assured me that my booking has been entered into the system and that the dietary requirements were noted (one of my girlfriends is vegetarian). I thought, that's great! All organised!

We turned up today looking forward to the high tea experience. We parked in the free underground parking at the hotel and entered the elevator. Pearls Bar is located on level 2 (as indicated on the elevator button). When we got out of the lift, I was looking for a sign for the bar. Cannot see anything in sight! There was no indication of where 'Pearls Bar' was....... so we walked towards the back where it looked like some people was sitting and drinking.

My friend went to ask the staff inside if this was Pearls Bar................. and they said they didn't have my booking? Great (NOT). First there's no sign to say that this is the right place. Second, they don't have my booking that was apparently confirmed by the manager himself one whole month ago. I was definitely not impressed with this '5 star hotel'. We waited about 5 minutes for the staff to set up the seating area for us. I reminded the manager that one high tea set had to be vegetarian, which was fine.

The seating area was nicely decorated in tones of brown and orange, creating a relaxing atmosphere. We sat in the comfy chairs with lots of cushions. There were views of the pacific ocean and the lush gardens and lagoon pool outside.

It took a while for us to get a menu. There was no explanation of what was included in our high tea. The staff member just told us to refer to the menu. After about an hour of sitting, chatting and waiting, we finally got the high tea set. And our teas/coffees arrived shortly after. I ordered an earl grey, which came in a pot. It wasn't as flavoursome as I would like it to be. The hightea was in my opinion quite ordinary. I remember having high tea at Sheraton 2 years ago and it was soooooo much better quality. I was actually quite disappointed with the variety of food in the high tea set. At a price of $32.50 per person, I expected something better. I would much prefer the high tea at Panorama Lounge, which is only $27.50 compared to this. The service, food and atmosphere is a higher standard at Panorama Lounge, RACV Royal Pines Resort. And not to mention the cheaper price!

High Tea Set for 3

Vegetarian High Tea Set for 1

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