Saturday, 13 July 2013

Chocolateria San Churro - Surfers Paradise

I have mixed feelings about the Surfers Paradise San Churro store. In total, I think I have visited this store about 5 to 6 times. Every visit was different. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Good experiences include excellent service and great food! The not so good experiences include average food and inadequate staff (ie. bad service).

The atmosphere in my opinion is quite good. Especially if you get a seat along the wall on the comfy sofa seats with the cushions.

 There's also an outside seating area, which is great during summer and spring.

Besides the all famous churros, San Churro also has a wide selection of ice creams, handmade chocolates, macarons, cakes and other desserts to choose from.

 On my very first visit to San Churro, I shared a Chocolate and Churros Tapas plate with my brother. This plate consisted chocolate dipping sauce (choice of white/milk/dark), 3 churros, choice of ice cream, strawberries, choice of 2 handmade chocolates, chocolate truffles, chocoalte coated pretzels, chocolate brownies and 2 chocolate/peanut butter cups. Everything on this plate was delicious!
Chocolate & Churros Tapas - $19.95
 We also ordered a chai latte.  This was quite ordinary, not much 'chai' taste at all.
Chai Latte

They also have a selection of gifts etc in the corner of the store for people to purchase home.

I recommend visiting this store when it's less busy. The staff will actually spend more attention to detail when preparing your food and drinks. When it gets busy, the food and drinks can get a bit sloppy (eg. not having enough sugar/cinnamon on the churros, warm not hot coffees etc). I also find that visiting during the day time/afternoon, the staff on shift are generally nicer and spend more time explaining the menu items etc.  At night time, the place gets really packed and the staff seem a bit flustered.

On a good day, this establishment can be a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy some dessert. However, I think they really need to keep up the consistency with food quality and service.

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